Pool Devil Pro Pool Surface Vacuum


Pool Devil Pro Pool Surface Vacuum

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Pool Devil Pro, the revolutionary spa and swimming pool surface cleaner, is a skimmer which collects all the debris from the surface of your pool alongside your pool filter system. Simplify your swimming pool care and maintenance with the Pool Devil Pro. Works on inground and above ground pools!

 Pool Devil Pro removes all floating debris, leaves, grass clippings, insects and even fine particles such as pollen from the surface of your pool before it settles on the bottom. This helps prevent clogging of leaf traps and filters, thus reducing strain on the pool filtration pump and extending its life.

• Pool Devil Pro creates a circular flow in the pool guiding all debris toward the unit.

• Pool Devil Pro works in conjunction with your existing pool cleaning device. The design mechanics utilizing the inflow also ensures that no matter how full the filtration bag gets it will have no adverse effect on the pump operation or your pool cleaning device.

• Pool Devil Pro automatically positions itself along the pool wall so your existing cleaner can move more freely. There is no reason to remove the unit during cleaning or while swimming.

• Pool Devil Pro takes one minute to fit.

• Pool Devil Pro has an advanced Venturi system which draws floating debris and particles into the filtration bag.